About Us

Knowledgeable and Reliable Professionals

3rd Generation Builder

Ever since Michael Bishop started creating structures in his backyard out of extra bricks and cinder blocks, he knew what he wanted to do for rest of his life and worked on honing his skills throughout his youth.

Trusted in the Community

This Venice, FL resident is a familiar and trusted face in the southwest Florida construction scene and community.  He and his team can find the right construction or remodel solution to your home or commercial building needs.

Internationally Experienced

Michael is also no stranger to international builds. He took his skills overseas to Cameroon, Africa, and built 2 new homes for Southwest International Construction Company.  So, no matter where you want your new home, Bishop Construction Services will get it built!

We Take Great Pride

in Treating Each and Every Client Like Family

Construction is not the cleanest of professions but we truly go above and beyond to keep your property in top notch condition throughout every stage of the process. Personally, I love the fact that we start a project as a client/contractor relationship, and by the time we’re finished we can call each other friends. There’s no greater feeling than delivering a project on time and within budget, then years later running into that (now called) friend, and they’re still ecstatic about the work.

Making the choice to build, remodel, or expand are all major decisions one makes in life. Choosing the right contractor for you can and will make all the difference.

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