Bishop Construction Services Deserves to be Venice’s 2019 Business of the Year

Bishop Construction Services Deserves to be Venice’s 2019 Business of the Year

To whom it may concern,

I find it absolutely necessary to write this personal letter on why I believe Michael Bishop and Bishop Construction Services deserves to be Venice’s 2019 business of the year. I had the absolute honor of meeting Michael on April 2nd, when he came to my house along with Lynn Colett to see how he could help my family and I. Prior to Michael actually meeting me Lynn had called and left several messages, with numerous construction companies. Within fifteen minutes of Lynn’s voicemail Michael returned her call and said that he needed to be a part of what she was doing. To date (April 25, 2019) Michael is the only contractor who has returned Lynn’s call for help. I couldn’t have fathomed how meeting Michael was going impact and bless my family and I’s life the way it has. At our initial meeting I think I cried at least twice, not only was this man wanting to fix a major issue with my house in order to help me get into the perfect home for my disabilities. He wanted to donate his services and do everything he could to get other trades and suppliers of materials to do the same (which he accomplished). I still feel so humbled and blessed by this outpouring of love and generosity. I really couldn’t grasp the magnitude of what was happening. I mean I just met this man 15 minutes ago and he wants to help me in a way that is indescribable. You see I am a legally blind disabled veteran and have been trying to sell my house in Venice Gardens for 83 days, so I can close on our new home that suits my disabilities, and will allow me freedoms that I haven’t had in over a decade. Throughout the process Michael was able to move mountain after mountain. He was able to get the permit which normally takes 6-8 weeks in less than two hours. He and his project manager Mark Mercer personally came each day to do the labor, and on days they were not here working they would either stop by or call. They started the demolition and framing the next day after receiving the permit. The following day he had electrical here and so forth each day. When I say that Michael was here or called us everyday it wasn’t just about the project he genuinely wanted to see how we were doing (and still does). All in all he somehow amazingly finished our remodel in less than 2 weeks of meeting him while still not only allowing us to do showings throughout the remodel, but doing his best to keep it show ready while doing his work. The remodel included building two walls, hanging two sets of special ordered French doors, electrical work, new smoke and CO2 alarms throughout, drywall, paint, and tile work. As if all of this wasn’t humbling enough for my family and I we found out that Michael didn’t want to stop at helping us. See a United Way fund was put in place to help with the financial loss we are going to take and any money left over will be transferred to a fund to help other local veterans in the future. When I found this out I had told Michael my plan to start an annual fundraiser to make sure that the fund always had enough money to continue to help other veterans and first responders. Immediately with his infectious smile Michael said count me in, I want to help you keep this going. Michael Bishop is so much more than a business owner, he’s what embodies everything great about our community. I volunteer as a Downtowner and I always get to brag to our visitors about how amazing our community is, and it’s because of people like Michael Bishop! In my honest opinion it would be a disservice to our community if we don’t recognize our local gems and Michael Is a diamond! I implore whoever reads this letter to please vote Michael Bishop Construction Services Venice’s 2019 Business of the year. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful person representing our community. Heck in my opinion he could easily be man of the year.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


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