What more can ? Bravo. Standing ovation High five . BCS remodeled out kitchen and guest bathroom exactly the way my husband and I envisioned. Truth, beyond our expectations. We’ve lived in our homes, east and Midwest during major additions . Anticipating the same for renovation here in our Sawgrass bridge home. COVID came to call. The March day before the demo team arrived I called Michael “I think Gov Santis is going to shut down non essential workers “ My instincts . Never fail. We left in June for our lake home in Michigan. Out of sight , not mind or daily photos and reports from Michael Bishop and his partner Mark Merced . Our Sawgrass community can, as many, be very, I repeat very persnickety. Overtly so. Perhaps reason we are number one in Venice private communities. Bishop got an A on their report card.

We returned in mid October. Thrilled. Bow to stern . The crew cleaned . Very little if any disruption or dust. Just the task of my husband and I unloaded boxes and reorganizing our elegant kitchen. Oh,the new guest bathroom!! Tub out. Stylish new shower, sink, mirror , the works.

My dream. Michael and BCS. Build a small cottage for me. . Never send photos. Or communicate. Call me when done. I’ll show up with my toothbrush, a bathing suit, a kayak and my black lab Alvin ready to hit the lake.

Recommend. Obviously. Trust. More so.

Happiest of New Year

Jenn, Ed & Alvin Star on The Sky

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